The 2017 World Tour

The year of establishment has come to a close, and we are about to begin a new era of Justin Key Photography. A foundation was built last year, in a moment of self-actualization I decided to pursue my dream of being a travel photographer. Key pieces were put in place, and this year it is time to build upon them.

2017 is going to start out with a bang as I unveil a hoard of new images for the website. In the coming weeks, I will begin to release new photographs along with a statement telling the story behind each capture. I will also dive back into some of the pictures already on the website and give my thoughts and experience on them. By doing this, I hope to provide a glimpse into the mind of the photographer and what inspires me to chase this wild dream.

This will be the year I hope to spread my name around town. Colorado will be celebrating its biannual Month of Photography and I hope to display in more galleries this spring and continue throughout the year. It is my hope that I can start sharing my work with more people and turn my passion into a career.

Waclella Falls in OregonBy far the most exciting news and what you’re all wondering is where will the camera go this year. Last year sent Sarah and I halfway around the world to the Maldives for our honeymoon as well as my first trip to the beautiful Pacific Northwest for some hiking in Oregon. This year, with the wedding planning complete, Sarah and I look to capitalize on our plethora of free time and renewed vacation days. Our first trip is coming next week to Sarah’s happiest place on Earth, Disney (more of a recreational trip than a photography trip but the schedule is packed with playtime for the Canon after that).

The big trip for the year will return Sarah to her natural habitat as we get away to Hawaii. There aren’t a lot of trips set in stone yet but our talks have us returning to Oregon to tour the coast, Seattle to hike Olympic National Park, Savannah, Georgia for the beautiful Spanish moss, and New England for some fall foliage and world class seafood. Don’t worry, there is plenty more travel to be had, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming are all short drives away and don’t forget our own back yard, Colorado. That’s about it for this year but knowing Sarah and I; we will throw together a couple spontaneous adventures on top of everything else.

2016 put some wind in my sails but 2017 will hopefully be the year Justin Key Photography takes off. Be sure to keep up with all of my travels and keep an eye out for new additions to the website. I hope you all have an adventurous year, feel free to share any of your travel stories with me along with any recommendations for places to visit.


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