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I Got A Name

"I Got A Name" - By Jim Croce

In the spring of 2016 I embarked on my first photography expedition. Shortly after convincing myself to pursue a career as a landscape photographer I booked a trip to Oregon for my first photography expedition. The trip was something of a reward for finally making the leap to chase this crazy dream of traveling and taking pictures for a living. Even though I had done nothing to ensure a promising future, when the wheels touched down in Portland I felt proud.

"Moving ahead so life won't pass me by"

Every day of the trip was spent driving through lush green landscapes to trailhead after trailhead. I had easily overbooked my stay but still didn't feel guilty for making spontaneous stops between hikes when my eye called for it. It was during a spontaneous pull off that "I Got A Name" was captured.

The lyrics of the song repeat a reassuring phrase like "I got a name" or "I got a dream" as if the protago…


"Tryin'" by Eagles

I've long wished that life were like a movie where the perfect song would soundtrack a moment. Imagine walking down the street to AC/DC's "TNT". That song can make you shoot a wink at someone because you know they were thinking you look good. Just try to hold back from kicking over the nearest trash can as your confidence overflows. Or how much better would your underwater experience be if Enya was playing whenever you snorkeled.

Now imagine driving down an empty two lane highway winding through the mountains. Pine trees line the asphalt strip baking in the afternoon sun without a cloud to obstruct it. Pick your car, sleek convertible, purring sports car, maybe a rumbling motorcycle either way the wind is blowing your hair and your hand is out cutting through the gentle breeze. You've just begun a road trip after surviving another week of work and have two days of fun once you reach your destination.

With that image in your mind…