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Growing Pains

Growing pains are the constant reminder that life's not easy, also the TV show that introduced us to Leonardo DiCaprio. The disruption of progress they cause ties a negative connotation to the term though they often lead to a growth of wisdom. I'm traveling down a path guided by my own intuition and occasional dumb luck. I wish my degree had included a how to course for landing on your feet but instead I was jettisoned into the real world with a piece of paper to shake at people. For two years I've been battling through growing pains, and that's not counting the two years I lost after graduation trying to find my barrings. My dream is to travel the world and take pictures, but I want to share more than the destinations, I want to share my journey. Like I said before, there wasn't exactly a course for doing what I'm attempting to do. There have been a lot of learning experiences already and plenty more to come and I want to share them all with you as they do.