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The Long Shutter Project

There was one thing I knew for certain growing up, I wanted to be passionate about my career. I didn't want a safe job, it wasn't about the money, I just wanted to wake up and be excited about the day ahead and to be happy would be enough for me. That lone requirement wasn't pushing me in a certain direction though.

In high school, I was incredibly shy, choosing to be invisible rather than face the possibility of rejection. The majority of my four years was spent with my head down hoping nobody noticed me. I over analyzed every interaction, dissecting every word that tripped out of my mouth just chipping away at my self esteem. My focus was on my piers' perception of me to the point I never focused on becoming an individual.

Photography helped cure both of those problems. My initial focus was sports. I walked into the first handful of games feeling extremely self conscious. Standing on the sidelines, exposed, I was concerned with the crowd reigning judgement on me …