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The Year of Establishment

As we get ready to welcome the New Year we reflect on the year that was. For most of us it was 11 months of rebelling against a new year’s promise to ourselves. The good news is we have a new one teed up and this year it’s going to stick, right?

When we christened 2016 with a giant disco ball sliding down a pole and semi-forced PDA, my resolution list was blank. I was tired of telling myself I would develop a workout regimen or thinking I would have the will power to turn down every free sample of fudge. 2016 was going to be much bigger, it would be my year of establishment. 
January 1st I awoke with clarity and motivation, two traits that had been avoiding me since graduating college. The past two years were filled with doubt and a little voice constantly telling me to chase my dreams. Well that little voice wasn’t going anywhere, I was engaged to it, and in 2016 I married it. This would become the year I started telling people I was a photographer.
I didn’t set the bar very high for…