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10 New Molding Designs

Last year I expanded my ordering options with a line of hand crafted wood frames. After months of planning and designing I created two molding styles and framed one of my pieces using each. Those frames appeared in every 2018 festival I attended. People enjoyed the frames but the response was even better when they found out they were handmade. One of my goals for 2019 is to come up with at least two more options to add to the line. I’ve had some designs bouncing around in my head but really wanted to push my creativity so for the final list of 10 I forced myself to come up with 10 new molding designs.

While the idea was to design 10 new moldings, the details of each design are loose. You'll notice I left out dimensions and while I tried to exhibit the general colors I had in mind, I didn't specify the types of wood that would be used. I plan on experimenting with different techniques and wood species throughout the year which will hopefully lead to at least two new optio…

Top 10 Photos NOT on the Website

It’s no surprise that my favorite photos end up on the website. Those selected photos make up a very small percentage of the ones I take. The rest find their way to Instagram or get printed as a bin print but even those make up a small number compared to the total that I upload. My batting percentage of useful photographs is near zero but I attribute that to a high standard I’ve set for myself. Last year I counted down my favorite photos of all time but that list hasn’t changed much over the past year so rather than copy and paste, I’ve removed the gallery worthy photographs from contention. Here are my top 10 photos NOT on the website.

10. Savannah Shutter

I love finding little details like this vine in Savannah. This shot was taken several years ago and continues to grab my attention. I love the contrast between the smooth black shutter and the brick. The gradient of the leaves on the vine crawling up the shutter move the eye through the image and create a nice contrast again…

Top 10 National Parks I Want to Visit

National Parks are one of the best things about this planet. While we can always do a better job preserving our environment, National Parks ensure the grandest and most unique locations will be maintained for generations to come. As a photographer they are hot spots, essentially giant flags waving us in. I have photographed Death Valley, Great Sand Dunes, and Rocky Mountain National Parks before so you won't find them on this list. Even though I make regular trips to Great Sands and Death Valley was another world that I would love to see again. This list is made up of the parks I've yet to visit. So here are the top 10 National Parks I want to visit.

10. Petrified Forest National Park
This park makes the list for its dark horse potential. While Petrified Forest may not have the grand scenes a lot of the more popular parks feature, it has a uniqueness that I could see my eye falling in love with. I tend to notice details in a landscape and this park is full of details. I think …

Top 10 Lessons Learned in 2018

I used to take mistakes extremely hard. While the majority of my mistakes were small and didn't warrant discipline I took it upon myself to ensure it didn't happen again. Mistakes are just a part of life though so enevitably another one would occur and I would beat myself down when it did. I always thought this was because I was a perfectionist, and maybe that's part of it, but I've come to realize I just didn't have a good understanding of life.

Mistakes are part of the deal. No matter how hard you try to prevent them from happening they will occur. Mistakes are how you grow as a person so today I have a much better reaction that doesn't crush my self esteem. While I still don't love making mistakes, I am to a certain degree a perfectionist, I no longer beat myself up. Instead I search for the knowledge to be gained from them.

My current trajectory has been full of hurdles. I've never built a photography career from scratch before. Even after four year…

Top 10 Road Trips I Want to Take

If you’re new to my work here’s a little about myself, I love to travel. It doesn't matter how I get away, I just love going. As a kid we would change up our family vacation transportation method every year. Some times we flew, other times we drove. Now that I'm mature enough to not get sick in the car, road trips have become one of my favorite forms of travel. Not only are they cheaper but you get to see more of the area and have the ability to make spontaneous stops at random attractions along the way. For my 4th list of 10 I decided to plan out the top 10 road trips that I would like to take. (some also involve flying)

10. Spontaneous Pitstops Route

Total Time: 19.5 Hours
Total Distance: 1,128 Miles
Trip Duration: 5 Days

This drive will take a few items off my travel list but offers the potential for spontaneous stops along this scenic route. Starting in Denver we drive 8 hours and change to Monument Valley. The route winds through Utah's southeast border where Arches N…