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The Year of...Progress?

Another year is coming to a close and that means everyone is reminiscing on the year that was. You likely threw your resolution out the window before April showers gave way to May flowers if the frigid February temperatures didn't squash your workout routine first. A new year is approaching and you are undoubtedly hopeful for another chance to improve. This is the year you start craving salads and you forget what the "F" in f-bomb stands for. This is the year the better you survives the first two weeks of January. I'm hoping this is the year I get my f-in stuff together too. The year end me is disappointed with my 2017 performance. I don't remember exactly where I wanted to be at this point a year ago but I know I left a lot on the table over the last 12 months. Each year, rather than follow the tradition of selecting a bad habit to break I set my sails in a general direction and hope I don't stray too far off course by December. I went back into my archive