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New Photographs Coming Soon

Let me just say how nice it has been to spend countless hours staring at my computer screen over the last few months. Seriously, I have racked up an enormous stockpile of photos just begging to be edited, and the purge is in full swing.
In May I went to Oregon for my only photography trip this year and although I put a good dent into it, it remains unfinished. A wedding put the editing on hold and sent my travel cravings to an all time high. The honeymoon gave me my fix, though, as I flew halfway around the world with my beautiful bride to the Maldives. Those trips piled onto a list of prior vacations in need of a thorough editing, including a trip to Ireland that's approaching two years old. Chalk that up to a major life decision (moving across the country) and a crushing creative drought. 
Well, life isn't going to slow down, but there has been a break in the action and I've been able to catch up. The good news for me is I finally have a computer that's …

The 2017 World Tour

The year of establishment has come to a close, and we are about to begin a new era of Justin Key Photography. A foundation was built last year, in a moment of self-actualization I decided to pursue my dream of being a travel photographer. Key pieces were put in place, and this year it is time to build upon them.

2017 is going to start out with a bang as I unveil a hoard of new images for the website. In the coming weeks, I will begin to release new photographs along with a statement telling the story behind each capture. I will also dive back into some of the pictures already on the website and give my thoughts and experience on them. By doing this, I hope to provide a glimpse into the mind of the photographer and what inspires me to chase this wild dream.

This will be the year I hope to spread my name around town. Colorado will be celebrating its biannual Month of Photography and I hope to display in more galleries this spring and continue throughout the year. It is my hope that I ca…